Hyattsville Md Homes for Sale Under $175K




The average closing price on a home sold in Hyattsville last year was $199,133. But averages, easily influenced by outliers in the city's relatively small sample of residential real estate values, are not a rigorous statistic. This effect was rather pronounced in the data, which revealed a $55,680 average deviation from the mean closing prices of houses sold last year.

A better way of examining what a house typically costs in Hyattsville can be found by calculating the mode value of home closing prices, which represents the price most often paid for a home. The mode closing price in Hyattsville came in at $175,000.


Arts District Hyattsville is a $200 million mixed-use revitalization development along the U.S. Route One Corridor in historic downtown Hyattsville. The 25-acre retail and residential development is a project of regional real estate developer EYA featuring of variety of unique homes and live/work units. When build-out of the site is complete, the trendsetting Arts District Hyattsville will feature over 500 new residences in a captivating mix or row-homes, live-work homes, condominiums, and retail shopping.


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